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Rudy Vasquez
Marketing Director
Joined the Foundation in 2022

Rudy Vasquez is the newest member of the staff. He comes to us from the El Paso Downtown Management District, where he was Marketing and Communications Manager for nine years. His introduction into marketing began in 2009 working as illustrator and marketing professional for Carnival Comics, the digital comic book publisher with millions of downloads in more than 200 countries. Rudy was Carnival’s Chief Creative Officer for four years, before joining DMD, where he served during Downtown El Paso’s renaissance from 2013-2022. Rudy helmed Downtown marketing with newly established branding, original events, social media management, public relations, and creative partnerships with public and private organizations. Winner of What’s Up Magazine’s (El Paso Inc.) Best of the Best Artist Award in 2010 and the International Downtown Association (IDA) Award for marketing, Rudy was certified as a Social Media Strategist by the National Institute for Social Media (NISM) in 2019.