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Your Partners in Philanthropy

As a grant maker, convener, and leadership organization, the El Paso Community Foundation takes pride in bringing people and organizations together to meet the needs of our community. Our staff works to provide resources and support to donors, nonprofits, and individuals.

Eric Pearson
Janice Windle
Senior Vice President
Kathrin Berg
Executive Vice President
Stephanie Otero
Vice President of Operations
Carmen Maria Vargas
Chief Financial Officer
Gary L. Williams
Senior Program Officer
Stephanie Acosta
Program Officer
Omar Carranza
Executive Chef
Yaranelly Castro
Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
Bonita Johnson
Grants and Scholarships Manager
Lourdes Ziegler Nunez
Accounting Assistant
Tess Passero Ottobre
Special Projects Manager
Mario Porras
Director of Binational Affairs
Doug Pullen
Program Director
Maggie Sánchez-Mercado
Executive Assistant/Event Director
Asia Gaye Saucedo
Logistics Assistant
Adam Tirres
Program Coordinator
Rudy Vasquez
Marketing Director