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Board of Directors

Community Leaders for a Cause

The Board provides strategic leadership to the Community Foundation to ensure long-term planning and goals align with its mission.

Current Board Members
Manny Pacillas
Isha Rogers
Vice Chair
Lillian W. Crouch
G. Paul Porras
Joe Alcantar, Jr.
John Balliew
Leigh V. Bloss
Chris A. Cummings
Sylvia Borunda Firth
Teresa Gallardo
Judith Gaskin
Ruth E. Gillett
Allen Gilmer
Mimi Reisel Gladstein
Laura Tate Goldman
Tasha Hopper
Jeannine Kennedy
Margarita Yolanda Kimmel
James Magee
Lyn McKee
Rebeca Ramos
Tammy Vasilatos
Jim Ward
Robert V. Wingo
Helen Lund Yancey