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Jewel Box

Call For Submissions: 9th Season of the Jewel Box Series

Applications open: NOW

Deadline: 11:59 p.m. Friday, July 26, 2024

The 2024-2025 season will run from October 2024 through May 2025.

The premise of the El Paso Community Foundation Jewel Box Series at the Philanthropy Theatre is to foster and showcase community talent in an inspiring atmosphere that is part of the Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Centre.

The Foundation partnered with El Paso Live to help ease the financial burden of producing a show in the sparkling jewel box we call the Philanthropy Theatre, its name inspired by all who helped build it. It seats 195, perfect for intimate theater, music, dance, and multi-media productions.

Stage specs: Width at the proscenium is 22’. Depth from the center of the curved apron is 12’6”.

Please fill out the form below to submit your information.

Visit our official Jewel Box Series page HERE.

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Rental fee of the Philanthropy Theatre is waived for a specified two-day period by El Paso Live, including rehearsals and performances. The El Paso Community Foundation covers the cost of venue performance insurance and a promotional brochure describing the Jewel Box Series.

Performances are the second Sunday of the month, October 2024-May 2025. The Foundation will coordinate with each organization/artist to produce a performance program.

Each artist group is responsible for its own set design, production costs, and staffing of the production. This includes all cost of production outlined by El Paso Live (ticketing, equipment, ushers, staff). The fees will be taken out of the box-office settlement total. El Paso Live will complete the performance settlement with the contractor, which is the El Paso Community Foundation.

Net proceeds earned from the box office are split as follows:

  • 100% to artist/organization if under $1,000
  • 1/3 to El Paso Live and 2/3 to artist/organization if over $1,000

The El Paso Community Foundation does not take a cut.