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El Paso Community Foundation For Good. For El Paso. Forever.

The El Paso Community Foundation serves as a grant maker, convener, and leadership organization for the El Paso, Southern New Mexico, and the Ciudad Juárez region. For more than 45 years, the Foundation has worked with individuals and non-profits to address the unique opportunities and challenges in our region. We are proud of our vibrant, multicultural community. The Foundation’s donors and partners have helped build the community, and we welcome you to join us.

Total grants and projects awarded in 2023
Total grants and projects awarded in 2023
Total given to the community since 1977
Total given to the community since 1977
Support the Borderland Community

The Community Foundation is involved in a number of projects that each serve a unique purpose as we work to meet the needs of our ever-changing community.

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Donating to the Community Foundation supports grants, funds, scholarships, and more to create positive change for the people in the region.

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Establish a fund that focuses on community issues, regional opportunities, or issues that are near to your heart.

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Nonprofits seeking to improve community services, development, and opportunities are invited to apply for a grant to support their missions.

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Scholarships are available to current high school and college students based on academics, extracurriculars, volunteerism, and leadership.

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