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The Classroom Fund Announces 2022 Recipients
June 15, 2022
The Classroom Fund Announces 2022 Recipients

We are happy to announce we have granted $50,000 to 50 educators through The Classroom Fund this year. The Classroom Fund is a special project of EPCF that purchases classroom materials on behalf of educators in the El Paso and Las Cruces area.

Applicants for The Classroom Fund must be full-time, pre-K through 12th grade educators, and the requested materials must be used in the classroom by students.

“Most teachers spend several hundred dollars of their own money each year to buy items for their students,” said Stephanie Otero, EPCF Vice President of Operations. “The Classroom Fund was created to relieve that financial burden while ensuring teachers have the opportunity to work with new and innovative learning materials. We are excited that for more than ten years we have been able to offer this grant in support of education in our community.”

This year, the Foundation received more than 300 applications for resource grants. Funded projects range from basic supplies to materials for art, special needs, and technology. Fifty grantees will receive their requested materials during a reception later this year.

For a complete list of grant recipients and more information, visit the Classroom Fund website — Since 2011, more than $550,000 in grants have supported more than 550 educators’ efforts to create or enhance learning opportunities for students.