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EPCF joins Castner Range National Monument effort
March 9, 2021
EPCF joins Castner Range National Monument effort

Photo by Scott Cutler

In a region rich in resources, unique geography, warm weather, and even warmer people, Castner Range stands out.

From the prehistoric people whose artifacts and petroglyphs remain there 12,000 years later to its 40-year run as a U.S. Army firing range in the 1900s, Castner Range has a unique history and some of the most beautiful views in all of Texas. Especially in early spring, when it is awash in gold Mexican poppies.

We want to protect it. Forever.

The Frontera Land Alliance, the Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition, and the El Paso Community Foundation are working to designate the picturesque 7,081-acre range a national monument. Castner Range National Monument. It has a nice ring to it.

But we need your help.

Visit and sign a letter of support.

Please consider donating to the Fund for Castner Range by clicking here.

Castner Range. It’s been here forever. Let’s keep it here forever.