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Castner Range to be Designated a National Monument
March 21, 2023
Castner Range to be Designated a National Monument

The El Paso Community Foundation is excited to announce that after 52 years, over 137,000 letters of support, countless hours of work from congresspeople, community members, staff and volunteers, President Joe Biden is expected to name Castner Range a National Monument at the White House Conservation in Action Summit in Washington D.C. He is expected to sign the designation at today’s event.

El Paso Community Foundation is part of the Castner Range Coalition and has been dedicated to its mission for over 10 years. We are beyond elated that this is finally happening for our community and the region.

“It is a testament to the perseverance of our community in asking for Castner Range to be preserved as a national monument. EPCF’s commitment has been more than a decade in the effort, but our work is in the shadow of the real leadership of many people, including Richard Teschner and especially Judy Ackerman. I am personally so sorry that Judy could not be with us.“ - Eric Pearson, President and CEO.

Huge thank you to our partners in the coalition- Frontera Land Alliance, Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project, Hispanic Access Foundation, Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition, and Conservation Lands Foundation.

You can get more info about Castner Range or donate at