The El Paso Community Foundation relies on donors like you to contribute to and support our community projects.

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Establish a Fund

Establishing a Charitable Fund in the El Paso Community Foundation is a wonderful way to care for your city, your region, and the issues you care about. If you are interested in starting a fund, please fill out the fields below, and we will be in touch. The Foundation administers grants for more than 400 individual funds, of varying types:

Scholarship Funds: Scholarships provide tuition assistance and related expenses for students at any college, university, or private school.

Field of Interest Funds: These funds generate income to address the issues you care about. Whether it’s education, the environment or the arts, Field of Interest Funds are defined by the donor.

Designated / Agency Funds: Designated or Agency funds specify a particular nonprofit organization to benefit from this endowment. This is an excellent way to support a specific organization with an endowment, and take advantage of the Foundation’s excellent endowment management services. Income is distributed annually to the nonprofit you choose.

Donor Advised Funds: Every year, you direct the course of your charity. At the end of your life, you have left a record of your giving, which will inform the El Paso Community Foundation in perpetuity.

General Charitable Purpose Funds: These are the most flexible funds. With a General Charitable Purpose Fund, you are suggesting grants to the board of directors of the El Paso Community Foundation, and then– because none of us knows the future– entrusting that board, after your lifetime, to prudently spend the distributions based on greatest needs in the community. The reason we have most of the leadership projects of the El Paso Community Foundation is because of the charitable vision of our donors, who decided to trust the Foundation’s good governance.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us through the website, or call Eric Summerford Pearson at 915-533-4020.