Vision in Action Mental Health Sanctuary

Vision in Action Mental Health Sanctuary is a private, non-profit, organization dedicated to the care and treatment of people living in the streets with mental disorders in Ciudad Juárez. Vision in Action Mental Health Sanctuary was born through its founder, Pastor Jose Antonio Galvan in 1995. The facility provides services to give dignity to the lives of all people. The shelter has access to specialized personnel on mental health for the treatment of people suffering from mental disorders. Currently, the shelter serves an average of 100 persons on a monthly basis. 70% of these individuals were wandering and living in the streets or were abandoned by their families. In 2010, approximately 15% of these individuals were discharged and reintegrated into society as functional and productive.

The 25+ year old facility is in desperate need of rehabilitation to include additional housing for the patients, specifically for the women who are the most vulnerable. The facility survives solely from donations and volunteers. Monies raised are distributed by the El Paso Community Foundation to Vision in Action. Your donation will help make an impact.

Vision in Action Mental Health Sanctuary is legally constituted and adheres to the regulations ordered by Mexican authorities.

Read more about the Vision in Action Mental Health Sanctuary on their website.

Read more about the Mentes Hermosas project on their website.

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Donations of $500 and above can choose to receive a 11.5” x 15.1” Italian-made Amalfi Panel (click here to view), matted with handmade cotton paper mat and printed on HD Fine Art Paper ready to be hung. This print, part of the Mentes Hermosas photo exhibit, is of Pastor Jose Antonio Galvan, Founder and Director of the Vision in Action Mental Health Sanctuary, and Ambrosio, a patient there. Please select from the dropdown if you would like to receive a print.

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