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Change the World Simply by Being Yourself

Our mission at Square Peg is to empower underprivileged school-aged citizens by working together as equals with a youth-led, project-based, structured mentoring program.

A Proactive Program

Over one-third of the total US population is under the age of eighteen. With limited lawful protection, school-aged citizens are easily prone to marginalization, leaving them feeling muted. This effect is further exacerbated for youth who are ostracized. These citizens belong to an ill-defined age group and without social stability and positive social support, youth are more likely to adopt unhealthy behaviors, leading to a decline in mental and physiological health. Square Peg is a versatile, project-based, structured mentorship program designed to proactively address the needs youth have, that are not being met. Together with the help of local communities, Square Peg teaches youth how to build a support system, generate resources, and use the voice necessary to create self-initiated projects and experiences unique to the impact they dream to have on the community. We offer the opportunity for students to find and follow their purpose. This gives community youth the opportunity to change the world for the better, in their way, in a supportive environment, simply by being themselves.

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