Support the Chihuahuita community through local art

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of El Paso’s oldest water production plant, El Paso Water is partnering with El Paso Community Foundation to benefit the Chihuahuita neighborhood around the plant. EPWater commissioned a painting by acclaimed local artist Patrick Gabaldón to capture the spirit of the W.E. Robertson Water Treatment Plant in colorful Chihuahuita. Limited edition, signed prints are available for sale to the public in two sizes:

- 8x10 prints are available for $25.00

- 16x20 prints are available for $100.00

The El Paso Community Foundation will accept payment, and proceeds will go to community improvement projects identified by the Chihuahuita Neighborhood Association.

About the Painting

“Titled Water Works , this piece is inspired by community connections between the Canal Plant and Chihuahuita. As the flowing life force of the desert, the Rio Grande connects us to our region’s history, culture, and people. Much like the rain clouds that feed the parched desert hills featured in this piece, the water provided from the Canal Plant quenches the thirst of a City and its people. Continually cradled by the river and canals, this small community continues to represent the uniqueness of our region, flowing and growing together.” - Patrick Gabaldón

About the Artist

Attorney by day and artist by night, Patrick Gabaldón is an El Paso native who sees himself as a product of the beautiful culture and spirit found in the borderland. He makes it his quest through art to show others the colorful interpretations of the cross-border culture that inspire him. He blends vibrant city urbanscapes with vast expansive skies and earthy tones of the West Texas Chihuahuan Desert. His work has been exhibited in restaurants, art galleries, the El Paso International Airport, Southwest University Park and the University of Texas at El Paso.

Thank you for your support for the Chihuahuita Neighborhood.

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