We all need a reason. Ours is Because Of You.

Our foundation is set in life, music and art. We have created a fund in the El Paso Community Foundation that will use live music events, like the El Paso Forever concerts, to raise money for a multitude of community needs.

As members of the El Paso philanthropic community, we noticed a disconnect between generations of givers —younger people were either unaware or unable to participate in higher dollar donation situations, such as formal galas. We thought if we could introduce giving in circumstances these folks were already used to, such as concerts, we could begin to build their relationship with charitable giving.

We set out to promote a few concerts where the profits would be directed to our fund. With each concert we have discovered where we can learn and build for the next. It is maybe a longer road than big galas with high-dollar tickets, but we think the effort will benefit the larger community.

Your gift will help build the fund and ultimately will benefit the El Paso community.

But there’s more to talk about, and it’s about healing. Esme Barrera was our dear friend—tragically taken from us, too early, too young. In her memory, we want to establish and support Girls Rock Camp. Music can help us heal, and it is a fitting legacy to Esme, who loved music as much as anything in this world.

We held a fundraiser in Austin in January and, through ticket sales and merchandise alone, have raised over $10,000 towards this project. We hope to continue to build on this and other goals such as music therapy for disadvantaged youth.

You are more than welcome to donate when one of these good shows comes through town. And you can always just click the button below and start your giving now.

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