County of El Paso Healing Garden

On August 3, 2019 the El Paso Community suffered a devastating tragedy with the loss of 23 innocent lives. The County of El Paso is asking the community to help remember the lives lost on that day by building a memorial garden at Ascarate Park to honor the victims. The County of El Paso is collecting contributions to create a healing space for our community.

About our logo: The Lotus Flower has a unique life cycle. Its roots based in mud (our tragedy), it miraculously re-blooms every morning without residue on petals (our strength restored). The Lotus symbolizes many things, including serenity, purity, beauty, grace, fertility, and knowledge. We created it with 23 loops to signify the victims who lost their lives in the shooting. We added a shining yellow star to signify our resilience and hope.

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