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EPCF's Plaza Classic Film Festival August 3-13

August 2, 2017
EPCF's Plaza Classic Film Festival August 3-13

For the 10th year, the El Paso Community Foundation Plaza Classic Film Festival takes the movies to the Plaza, the streets, the parking garage, the library, the museums, and…. you get the picture. This year’s Festival is a “greatest hits” celebration.

The El Paso Community Foundation created the Plaza Classic Film Festival (the World’s Largest Classic Film Festival) in response to the community. “When the Foundation was restoring the theatre, I would speak at various public meetings about the Foundation-led renovation,” remembered Eric Pearson, CEO of the El Paso Community Foundation. “More often than not, someone would pull me aside and ask when we were bringing back the movies.”

In 2008, Pearson recruited Charles Horak to volunteer, and together they created the first festival, featuring 64 movies and 27,000 people. Since then, the crowds have swelled to more than 40,000, and the Foundation has partnered with public and private entities to show more and more classic movies and local content.

It was also a way to make the Plaza Theatre— which won a National Preservation Award— accessible to anyone of any income. The movies range from FREE to $10.

This year’s line-up includes visits from four movie legends: Kathleen Turner, Richard Dreyfuss, and animation moguls Don Bluth (from El Paso) and Gary Goldman. Visit for all of your Plaza Classic needs!