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Act of Random Kindness program raises money for Ronald McDonald House

November 18, 2021
Act of Random Kindness program raises money for Ronald McDonald House

It is National Random Acts of Kindness week so it’s fitting that this week we delivered our donation of funds collected by El Paso Independent School District through our ARK program to the Ronald McDonald House.

ARK, which stands for Acts of Random Kindness, is a project of Change Our World for Good, an organization that is trying to change the world through kindness. The El Paso Community Foundation is partnering with schools to bring the ARK project to El Paso and introduce the idea of philanthropy at a young age. We believe that having a dedicated charity box to place money every day provides a visual reminder of the importance of giving, and giving every day has been proven to generate a greater sense of compassion. We are on a mission to turn Acts of Random Kindness into Acts of Routine Kindness.

This school year’s efforts were kicked off by those work for EPISD to set an example for what can be done in the schools. It was a huge success! Those Acts of Random Kindness amounted to a donation to the Ronald McDonald House - the chosen charity.

We want to thank all those involved at EPISD for helping us turn these small individual donations into a larger donation and an Act of Routine Kindness.